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A Helpful Let To Buy Mortgage Calculator

If you are looking to let to buy, this calculator will help you understand whether let to buy could be a viable option for you. This complex let to buy calculator will assess the potential mortgage you could take out on your existing home if switched to a buy to let and the amount that would then be available to you to take on a new residential property. It will also consider the stamp duty that will be due on the new property.

Let to buy can be a very complicated process and we recommend that you use the calculator as reference only before seeking expert advice. Find out more about let to buy mortgage options in our comprehensive let to buy guide.

You can speak with one of our expert mortgage advisers at any time if you want to discuss a let to buy in more detail.

Let To Buy Calculator

1 Enter the value of your existing property

2 Enter the expected rental income of your existing property once let out

3 Enter your existing mortgage amount for your current property

4 Enter your gross yearly income for all applicants combined

5 Enter the amount of cash savings available for the transaction

6 Enter the value of the property you are hoping to purchase

7 Enter the location of the new property

8 Calculate

Remember, this is just a guide and no guarantee of lending. Let to buy transactions can be complicated and we highly recommend that you seek advice before taking any decisions.

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